news and information: New solo at Words and Pictures Gallery, Teignmouth.


August 1st - 14th 2020

These new paintings and drawings have the same luxurious surfaces that play with colour, tone and texture as well as an assortment of unusual materials and application technique. However these new paintings also engage with light and reflection which is very exciting. 

If you have not been to see these paintings already get yourself down to the gallery so you can absorb the rich surfaces. They jump around all over the place - in the image you see here they look like conventional landscapes but actually when you see them in the flesh the surface becomes more dominant. Not just the texture - and they are richly textured with formal marks and informal layering - controlled colour choices used as a composition tool.

It's hard to pinpoint what they are or could be: sea-scapes both above and below the surface, microscopy or images of the core of a gas giant in the farthest reaches of space.

Rachael Bennett is a firm favourite in Teignmouth and indeed Devon and the South West with work in many galleries. We are lucky enough to be hosting an exhibition of a new set of works that engage with a different painting process that Rachael has been experimenting with over the last few months.


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